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Monthly Archives: February 2013

For students who own a Mac, iPhone and/or iPad, iStudiez Pro is a fantastic organizer and digital agenda that was built specifically for students. The app can be downloaded via the Mac’s App Store as well as iOS’ App Store. The amazing thing about the software is that if you download the app on your Mac and your iPhone, it synonymously syncs with each other. For example: if you add a new chemistry class on the computer, you can access the information including room number, start and end time from your smartphone when you are away from the computer. The same can be done with assignments and exams.

Cloud Sync

iStudiez Pro boasts numerous features including:

Smart Summary
Shows all the events you have for the current day. This real-time mode view tracks your schedule during the day, giving you a full overview of the classes you need to attend

Assignments Review
The app allows you easy managing of all your homework and assignments: sorting them by date, course and priority, setting due dates and track your marks or grades received

iCal Integration
Using iOS 4 (Mac OS 10.6 for Mac) and later allows you to see all your events from the native device calendar in iStudiez Pro. This means you can easily track not only your academics, but also your sports trainings and dance classes.

Schedule Planner
Good planning is crucial to get a hold of your schedule. Plan and manage your courses and classes details, locations, instructor info, holidays and grades

Cloud Sync
Synchronize your iStudiez data in the blink of an eye between all your iOS and Mac devices. Creating Cloud Sync account is free and fast, and it also gives you additional guarantee of safeguarding your data.

Notifications and Badges
You will never miss your class or due date for an assignment thanks to the built-in notifications. Flexible settings system allows you to customize your notifications according to your preferences

Grades & GPA
You can enjoy integrated grades tracker, allowing you to track your grades in percents, points or letters. Grades received for your courses will then be calculated towards your overall GPA

Interactive Calendar
Reflects all of your classes and assignments in month and week views. Colour coding and cute icons for classes helps structuring your vision and makes it easier to follow your academic schedule

Mac Window

Nathan Snelgrove of App Storm reviews the app and gives it a 9/10 and writes:
“If you’re a starving student or a parent trying to figure out how ot make sure your kid gets through the seventh grade, I can’t recommend iStudiez Pro highly enough. It suffers from a little bit of feature bloat, but in this app’s case, one student’s feature bloat is another student’s paradise. Since I started using the app, my grades have gone up, my productivity has more than doubled, and my schedule has become much easier to manage. Even planning vacations got a lot easier when I could see where the gaps were in between assignments and work. iStudiez Pro comes with my absolute highest recommendation, and it’s a no-brainer download for anybody in school.”

Alex Heath from Cult of Mac also gives a positive review of the app. He writes:
“iStudiez Pro is the perfect example of an app that maintains a consistent experience across multiple platforms. You won’t get confused moving from app to app, and you’ll find iStudiez’s clean and simple UI very inviting. It almost makes planning your schedule fun.With cloud sync and push notifications, iStudiez Pro does it all.”

iPhone App

iStudiez Pro for Mac is available for $9.99 in the Mac App Store. The app is available as a universal download for $2.99 in the iOS App Store. Cloud sync is free once you buy one of the apps. A free version is also available with ad support called iStudiez Lite.



Students who picked up (or got for Christmas) Apple’s new iPad mini are going to be pleased to hear that Logitech has announced a new keyboard cover is both aesthetically pleasing and comes with a package of functions. It attaches via integrated magnets and allows the cover to put your table into sleep as well as awaken it simply by putting the keyboard cover over it.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Mini

During usage, the cover acts as a stand to hold your tablet in landscape mode; through Bluetooth, it pairs with your iPad in order for the keys to function seamlessly while typing. The keyboard comes with dedicated keys for controlling brightness, search, and music playback.When you are done using your iPad, the keyboard easily detaches and can be used as a cover to protect the front of your Apple tablet. It also comes in both white and black to match your tablet.

Logitech Keyboard Mini White

This is an amazing product for students because it can potentially replace the laptop for taking notes during class. Users of on-screen keyboards will testify that typing with a physical keyboard is always preferred. The tactile response of physical keys is a great While enclosed with your iPad mini, the case is extremely thin and light at 7.33mm thin and 220 grams so it fits very well in a school bag filled with textbooks and binders. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 3 months if you’re using it for 2 hours daily. Not only is this product the perfect accessory for taking notes but also for daily social activities such as blogging, browsing the web and networking on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The Logitech keyboard cover simply allows writing content on your iPad mini a breeze with its ease of setup and use.

Darrell Etherington of Tech Crunch reviews the keyboard cover and writes:

“While the typing experience isn’t perfect on the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard, it’s about as close as you can get without adding a lot more bulk to a Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad mini. It still dramatically increases your ability to enter text, and beats using the software keyboard by a very wide margin. If you’re looking for an iPad mini keyboard that maintains the smaller tablet’s considerable size advantage over its big brother and still greatly improves the experience of typing anything longer than a tweet”

David Carnoy of CNET also praises the tablet accessory but mentions that the keyboard cover leaves the back of the iPad mini unprotected and exposed, which has the potential to be scratched easily.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard

If you have the budget for an $80 mini keyboard, this is going to be a phenomenal accessory for students. The tactile feel of a physical keyboard, combined with the thin elegant design of the cover makes for a product that perfectly pairs your iPad mini for portability and productivity whether it be browsing the web or taking notes.